Do you make custom pieces?
Yes, always! All you have to do is reach out through our Contact Page, email, or through Instagram.

What pieces are final sale?

I bought a piece that in the description specifically says it takes 3-4 weeks to ship (pieces such as: The Custom Pre-Order necklace & earrings, Nectar, Olive) but also ordered other pieces with it, what does this mean about when they ship?

This means that these pieces will ALL ship together in 3-4 weeks unless Vieso is contacted otherwise and an additional shipping fee is paid to have them shipped separately.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! International shipping is anywhere from $12-$20.

Where do you purchase your materials?
All materials are bought from U.S suppliers. All 14k gold filled and sterling silver materials and findings are made in the U.S.

Do you repair jewelry?
Each customer receives complimentary repair within 30 days of receiving your order but is responsible for shipping cost. After 30 days, customer is responsible for repair costs, along with shipping. 

I lost an earring! Can I purchase just one earring?
Yes absolutely! I usually recommend that a customer purchases a new pair because each pair is made to match up with each other (like the ear hooks, since they are handmade) but it is always an option and a good way to save money.

Why do my ear hooks look different from each pair of earrings I own? 

All ear hooks are handmade so they are made for your specific earring. So each time you order, those ear hooks are being made specifically for you! 

What are your shipping policies/how long does my order take to ship?

Check out all these details on our Shipping Policy page.

Can I return a piece of jewelry?

Unfortunately due to every item being made to order, I do not offer returns but I can do an exchange. All details will be on our Returns/Exchange page