Vieso (pronounced Ve-es-o) is a handmade jewelry line made in San Diego, California founded by me, Kiana. Vieso comes from my last name Valdivieso. My family inspires me in all aspects of life and that is why I want to share part of
me, with you. 
For a timeless soul.
My slogan "For A Timeless Soul" was created because Vieso jewelry is made to be worn by everyone. It should be worn as a form of expression. What I love about creating jewelry is that it is not a necessity but rather something we wear to feel beautiful in. So, my hope when people wear my jewelry is to build their confidence, feel empowered, or simply add the finishing touches to their outfit. I encourage the wearer of my jewelry to explore and experience life in their pieces, while incorporating them into your everyday outfits. Every piece, loop, ear hook, and shape is made by me, and I cannot wait to see them on your timeless soul.
Love always,
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