How to Order a Custom:

  1. Think about the specifics of your custom order such as: metal type, stone/beads, length. If you want us to truly design you a custom, let us know!
  2. Contact us through our contact page, email, or preferably direct message us instagram.
  3. We will be in communication with how you want your custom piece to look. 
  4. After discussing all the specifics, your custom will be priced. If this price does not work for you, that is okay! Usually small adjustments can be made to make your custom in your price range.
  5. If you decide to go through with the custom, there will be a custom listing made on our website under “SAVED FOR ____(your name)____”.
  6. It is expected that you purchase that ASAP because your custom will not be started and no materials will be purchased until you purchase your custom listing on our website.
  7. Once it is purchased, your custom will take 3-5 weeks to be shipped, it all depends on if there is a need to purchase extra materials.



Due to the nature of the custom being a custom piece to you, customs will be more expensive than pieces already sold on the website. Simple customs such as swapping stones or tweaking a piece that we already sell is typically anywhere from $5-$10 on top of the price the piece sells for. If there is a need to purchase extra materials (specific stones, different types of metal, findings), that will naturally increase the price of your piece. In general, the price of customs vary!


A few things to note:

  • All custom orders must be purchased through our website.
  • Customs are non-returnable/exchangeable/refundable.
  • Your custom piece can be recreated unless said so otherwise. 
  • Custom orders are not eligible for any sales or discounts.
  • As of right now, there is no flat fee for custom orders but in the future, we might start a $10 fee that must be paid regardless if you go through with the custom or not.