What is Gold-Filled?

Gold-filled is made with two or three layers with the core metal being jewelers’ brass (copper based metal) or sterling silver. With heat and pressure, a thin layer of karat gold (real gold) is bonded to a brass or another base metal core. The gold on the top part of gold-filled is an alloy which means it is a blend of different types of metals. Meaning, that there is an actual layer of real gold that is on your gold filled pieces. The diagram below demonstrates the process of which gold-filled is made.

After looking into the physical process of gold-filled, you now might have a few questions...

Is Gold-Filled actually filled with gold?

Ironically, the layer of real gold is on the outside so it is not technically filled with solid gold but rather filled with jewelers brass. That is why you should NEVER go in the POOL with your pieces, chemicals such as chlorine can strip the layer of real gold!

Is Gold-Filled real gold?

Although in the United States, Gold-Filled jewelry is required to have 5% gold by weight, the name Gold Filled, has the word filled in it because it is not 100% solid gold. Even though 5% does not sound like a significant amount, gold plated jewelry has only 0.05% of real gold. 

Now I am confused, what is the difference between Gold-Filled and Solid Gold?

Solid gold is made with the karatage of pure gold which is 24k. Unfortunately, solid gold must be mixed with other metals to keep its shape. Solid gold is the only metal of gold that will not tarnish but gold-filled is the next best alternative because of its layer of solid gold. 

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Yes! Many people who have sensitive skin stray away from anything gold but gold-filled does not contain any metals that can cause skin irritations. Meaning that about 99% of people say they have no sensitivity to gold-filled jewelry. 

Now I want my own Gold-Filled piece, what do you suggest?

There's quite a selection for you! I have a few earrings such as Elvia and Iliana that can be made in gold-filled along with all of my necklaces. If you want to deck yourself out, check out the Versatile Collection which is made entirely out of 14k gold filled.

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