How to Measure Anklet Size

The ideal anklet size depends on personal preference but know that it should not be too tight when moving the ankle. If it's too tight, this can also cause too much pressure on the chain, leading it to snapping. Some people prefer to wear it above the ankle bone, on it, or even below it. So before you think about purchasing the Kai anklet, lets measure your ankle.

What you’ll need:

  • String or ribbon 
  • Ruler

Before measuring:

  • Make sure your leg and feet are at a normal body temperature because legs and feet tend to expand and swell when hot 


  1. Grab a piece of string, ribbon, anything that can bend to wrap around your ankle
  2. Wrap piece of string around ankle to a comfortable position
  3. Make sure you flex your foot towards you because you don’t want to be walking and realize your anklet is too tight
  4. Cut string to length that fits your ankle perfectly
  5. Measure string on ruler
  6. If the ankle size is between two sizes, consider going with the larger size
Note: Anklets are non-refundable because each size is very custom to each customer

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