How to Avocado Dye

Since we all have a little extra time I home, I wanted to show you how to make your own DIY (Do It Yourself) plant dye. Plant dyes are significantly better for you and the earth so why not try this out! Before you try making an all natural avocado dye, if you don’t like eating avocados this might not be the right food to use as dye. We don’t want any avocados to go to waste! 

What you will need:

  • A big pot to hold whatever you are dying (shirt, bag, pillowcase, anything that is made out of fabric), something white or neutral colored will show the dye best
  • 8-10 avocado pits and skins
  • Water
  • Some rubber bands if you want to spruce up your piece

What you’ll need to do:

  1. Grab your piece that you are dying and wrap it up with some rubber bands, like you would do with regular tie dye (this step is not necessary but it could add a fun touch) but, keep in mind the dye will color almost all of the shirt
  2. With your avocado pits and skin, clean pits and inside of skin to remove any avocado left on them

3. Place the piece you are dying in the pot and fill with water, covering the piece you’re dying

4. Add the 8-10 avocado pits and skins to the water, scatter them around, and bring to a simmer
5. Simmer fabric in water 60 minutes
6. After simmering for 60 minutes, let fabric sit in pot with no heat overnight (if you are happy with the color after the 60 min pass, you don’t have to let it soak longer but, it is highly recommended because the color will last longer if you do)
7. Rinse and wash by hand
8. Hang dry 
9. Let it run in one cycle in the washer after it has fully dried from hanging, this is so it doesn't stain any of your clothes when your doing a full load
10. Pair your new avocado dyed piece with your favorite Vieso piece, my current ones are Capricious layered with Coronado and Malia earrings
Note: If you do not get the color desired, you can keep the pits and skin in a jar and soak again, one of my pieces soaked for two whole nights

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