2023 End of the Year Letter

If you are still reading my once a year blog post, thank you. I originally imagined a blog where I share jewelry knowledge but, I haven't had time *yet* to dedicate to creating those. For now, we're sticking with wrapping up my year in a nutshell. 

One of my highlights was my Europe trip with my mom and we traveled to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. It was the first big trip I've planned and her first time to Europe. There were lots of wrong directions on the metro but, once again I was fortunate enough to create a list of things you learn when traveling abroad. My other fun travel was a Miami trip with my boyfriend and his friends. My younger self always dreamed up trips with couple friends! Lastly, this year I became a tia and it has been so magical having a baby in my immediate family. 


2023 was my biggest learning curve yet. At the beginning of the year I started my Masters in Communication through ASU and by summer, I started my first year teaching first grade. Being a first year teacher has been the most challenging thing I have physically and mentally ever done. I don't nearly have it down but I have a groove *sort of*. Regardless, I am proud of what I've done so far. 

I spent as much time on Vieso as I possibly could. Balancing my masters with my job, Vieso, and making time with my loved ones was challenging this year. 2023 was my slowest year sales wise because I felt overwhelmed with squeezing in all the content and marketing. Nevertheless, I am cheering on my wins! My in person events were a success!  I found success in one of a kind pieces, not stressing collections, and learning how to solder. Soldering has allowed me to experiment with the art of making jewelry. I made my all time favorite pieces I have ever made, the chunky small and large link bracelet

My biggest challenge being in this business for about 4 years now has been reaching new customers. I think my answer is more in person events (and Tiktok) so I hope to see more faces in 2024.

To my regular customers, thank you. Thank you for continuing to trust me with your jewelry wants, needs, and gifts. I love chatting with you or seeing your name pop up when you order. To my jewelry friends, customers who have become friends, or to those who continue to engage with my post...thank you, thank you, thank you. Considering how hard 2023 has been for so many, thank you for allowing me to still be in business. I am grateful for you.

I hope 2024 surrounds you with love. Happy new years to you and yours!

Love always, 


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