2022 End of the Year Letter

To my sweet Vieso jewelry community and friends, 

It’s time for my annual letter to recap 2022 for Vieso and I am so grateful for you reading this through. 
My word of the year is investment. But, not in the way you might assume. This year was the first year that I truly invested in my business. I sold at my most in person events, invested financially in new supplies, did my first professional photoshoot, and spent more hours daily and weekly than I ever have before. You might assume that it would equal my best year of sales, but it was not. I learned the common business lesson that no matter how much time and effort you put into your business, it’s not going to always equal sales. It was discouraging but it was valuable to learn for the future of my business. This year I felt a shift in Vieso, my perspective of it, and my goals of what I want my jewelry brand to be. 

2022 was also a big year for my personal growth. I finished my teaching credential program and spent most of the year substitute teaching with a lot of traveling in between. I dedicated this year to enjoy myself before applying to a full time job. This year, I traveled to Alaska and Washington state for the first time. I went to Hawaii and Oaxaca, Mexico where I got to celebrate the Dia de Muertos. Lastly, I took a month-long trip to Europe with my partner where I got to explore 3 countries and 6 cities. And to top the year off, I am spending my New Years in Northern California. Before this year, I felt the pressure to jump into my career right away. With the support of those around me, I got to experience new cultures, gave myself the time to rest, and learned more about myself. Having this time off from school and the opportunity to not jump right into a full time job allowed me to invest so much time into Vieso. It gave me the space to physically and mentally take steps for growing my business and personally.

In 2023 I hope to continue to give you opportunities for you to shop in person. I am going to work on expanding my jewelry making skills to allow me to make a new variety of jewelry. I hope that Vieso continues to be a piece of jewelry you want to wear and gift to those around you.

I say this often, and you will not hear the end of it but, thank you for everything in 2022. If you bought from me, came to any in-person event, interacted with any of my posts (yes, even just a like!), told a stranger about my jewelry, shared my jewelry with a loved one, and everything in between, thank you. Thank you for continuing to be with me as I grow as an individual and as a business. Vieso (as it comes from my last name) is a part of me, every piece of jewelry I make is a part of me, and my story. I appreciate the little jewelry community we have created and I appreciate you.

I wish everyone a happy happy New Years and wish you the absolute best in 2023. I am sending you all a big big hug!
Love always,

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