2021 End of the Year Letter

To my lovely Vieso customers, friends, family, and loved ones:

2021 was a transformative and successful one. Significant growth was made in both my small business and personal life this year. Thank you for motivating me throughout the process. Here are a handful of pieces from my 2021: 

Vieso Recap

2021 marked my first full year of managing an e-commerce site. The experience of site-building proved to be extremely challenging. Several nights were spent chatting with tech services feeling quite frustrated. But, it was rewarding to witness my shop materializing in a professional sense. 

As a result of my newfound website expertise, I gained confidence to focus on jewelry production. Throughout the year, I released two themed collections, several individual pieces throughout the year, and many customs. This includes: a small Valentine’s Collection, the recent Evergreen Collection, my first ring Soul, lots of hoop charms, new fun wire cherry earrings Maraschino, and some goodies in between like the necklace extender and the custom pre-order necklace and earrings!

I am particularly proud of the Evergreen Collection. It was the first collection I took a leap on as far as time, quality, and price. I was terrified that it would not resonate with you, my audience but was immediately validated by your positive response. Thank you for reassuring me of my artistic vision.

Take a closer look at Nectar  
Personal Recap

Aside from Vieso, this past Spring, I graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a bachelor's degree in Education and a concentration in Child Development. In the fall, I started graduate school through Point Loma to finish my teaching credential.

What to expect in 2022?

Honestly, my personal career as a teacher will take up most of my free time! I will be finishing my last push to be a teacher by student teaching full time along with taking a couple of classes. However, I plan on making improvements to my website and releasing at least one collection and many pieces in between. 

Secondly—to be as transparent as possible—I plan on adjusting my prices to reflect the cost of material, time, and my energy. This was a long-awaited decision, but a necessary one to guarantee my services are adequately compensated. (To give you context: When I first started Vieso, my earrings cost $7! And my current prices reflect high quality metals and beads). 

Thank You

Well, if you made it here in my letter… I appreciate you! To those customers who watch every story, interact with my different forms of social media, and for Every. Single. Order. Thank you. To those customers I get to build relationships with, I appreciate you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support in 2021. This small jewelry business of mine is my little creative dream and if it wasn’t for your support, I wouldn’t be able to continue to grow.

I wish you all a Happy Happy New Year. May 2022 bring you clarity, rest, and time to better yourself in this current world. Sending you hugs and lots of love.

Love always,


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